Friday, April 13, 2007

Issue #0

Welcome to Holy Heroes, a team blog about religion in comics: anthropomorphic coyote saviours, mutants in holy orders, Superman's relation to the problem of pain, New Gods, old ones, and whatever else we come across.

The site is still undergoing some construction, and will look much cooler in a week or so. I promise.


Eve said...


Give me a few days to get something together w/r/t Catholic horror comics.

THANKS for doing this! Should be totally fun.

Ian said...

What?! One week! Aiee!

Elliot, my friend, you're faster than a speeding bullet.

Perfect name. Double exclamation and all.

Mirtika said...

EXCELLENT!!! Glad to see y'all teaming up.

However, Elliot owes me a bloggy post for Spec Faith. I better not see one HERE before i see one THERE. Ahem. :)

Mir--who finally got her copies of Buffy TVS Season 8, 1 & 2.

D. G. D. Davidson said...

This is great, Elliot. I hope it's okay if most of the comics I talk about are the non-superhero variety.

Elliot said...

Eve: I'm looking forward to your excellent comics analyses!

Ian: Don't worry, take your time. Do you need to me to grant you special admin privileges (I'm not sure how) or can you change the template with team member status?

Mirtika: I haven't forgotten! One more exam, and then that post is toast.

DGD: No, no problem at all - as long as it's a comic/manga/graphic novel/cave painting, it's fair game.

Jan said...

I may have some insightful things to say while reading the new Buffy comics, so I may contribute at some point.

Elliot said...


SolShine7 said...

This blog could be fun. I found you via Mir's page. I wrote a post about Christian black comic book superheroes so hoepefully you guys cover superheroes who come in all kind of colors.

Elliot said...

Cool! Thanks for pointing that out.

Ian said...

Elliot, I don't think you can grant me special admin privileges. I think I'm going to have to send you a massive email with cut and paste instructions.

Elliot said...

Well, if you must!

Steve Bergson said...

Just discovered your website today!

Excellent idea, no doubt taking some inspiration (pardon the pun) from the website As cool as that website was (& is), it's time for a blog on the subject.

My own blog Jewish Comics is narrower in scope than yours is, focusing just on the Jewish depictions. However, you're certainly welcome to repost information I provide there and I look forward to using your blog to learn about items that I have missed myself (and linking to your blog when appropriate).