Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Claw scratches your itch-- for sneak peeks!!

I want to reassure all three of our readers (or as I like to call 'em, True Believers) that Holy Heroes!! will not just consist of my attempts at superhero humor. Not for long, anyways. My posts are simply like the Bullpen Bulletins and Stan Lee Soapboxes in old Marvel comics: partly news, partly bad puns, mostly filler. But enough about me:

Item! I have it on good authority that Paul (aka "Numinous Boy") has an essay underway about Superman's religious roots! Who'da thunk it?

Item! Rumor has it that "All Hallowed" Eve is wrestling with a thesis arguing that... the best Catholic comics are horror comics?! Whaa--? I guess you'll just have to wait and figure that one for yourselves, gang!

Item! "Glorious" Gabriel McKee has been making cryptic remarks about Animal Man of late. Hmmmm...!

Item! Your humble scribe has been reviewing the religious elements in a fairytale comic entitled Castle Waiting, with an eye to creating a post. I'll give you a hint: beards.

I know you've had enough of me babbling on. I get it - you can stop sending me those letter bombs. Remember, kids, we must not become so embittered that we take Satan's methods as our own! But we do welcome non-exploding letters, here at The Claw's Corner.

Until next time: Keep the faith!


EegahInc said...

Well, at least you have 4 readers now. I'm definitely looking forward to the Horror/Catholic thesis so that I can stea.... er, incorporate some of the ideas into my own ramblings.

Ian said...

Welcome to Holy Heroes!! eegahinc (I hope I pronounced that correctly). You're not the only one looking forward to the Horror/Catholic thesis!

Jason said...

Aw guys, come on. I'm sure you have silent lurkers. That's why I'm coming out of the...lurk?

I'm interested to see what you guys have to say, seeing as I'm having a juvenile flashback and have been into comics again recently (not saying comics are juvenile, just I hadn't been into them for a while).

Will you focus a multi-post spiritual critique of Spidey 3? ;)

Ian said...

Right on, de-lurkers and we've only just begun! Welcome to Holy Heroes!! Jason.

I hope someone works up some kind of spiritual critique of Spider-Man 3 – it'll help get me over the guilt I feel for my unholy love of Spider-Man 2.

But in true Spider-Man spirit it would probably have to be spread over several blogs with titles like, Amazing Holy Heroes, Spectacular Holy Heroes, and Web of(?) Holy Heroes.