Monday, April 16, 2007

The Bat Eagle lends a hand

Thanks to SolShine7, aka The Bat Eagle, for pointing out her post, "Black, Christian, and Super-duper!"

That's interesting. I remember DC distributing Milestone Comics, back in the day. I bought some and thought they were pretty cool. The Milestone artists' feeling was that there were too few minorities represented in superhero comics, and they wanted to redress that. I noticed that Grant Morrison made two of the Seven Soldiers of Victory African-Americans (Mister Miracle and The Guardian) along with a number of the supporting characters. And of course Klarion the Witch-Boy is a minority, cause he's, well...Blue.

I took a test I found on The Bat Eagle's blog, and apparently this is my super-hero name:

Your Superhero Profile

Your Superhero Name is The Jade Arrow
Your Superpower is Piracy
Your Weakness is Alcohol
Your Weapon is Your Grenade Axe
Your Mode of Transportation is Zip-line


Ian said...

The Grenade Axe sounds ... ineffecient.

Chop, Kaboom!

Elliot said...

It does sound problematic. I'm thinking it's got to be one of those throwing axes Gimli's got, except explosive. The chop severs an artery, the kaboom destroys the evidence.

It would work well against those regenerating-type villains.

Undead villain: "Ha ha! Don't you know you cannot-"

SolShine7 said...

Thanks for the linkage. Glad to be of your assistance Jade Arrow.

I think it's always cool to have superheros come in all shapes and colors.

That's all for now...

-Bat Eagle out