Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jesus loves Superman

Warning! The following link may not be safe for work, particularly if you work at the Vatican! If images of grown men passionately kissing one another offend you, especially if one of them is Jesus and/or Superman, this link is probably not for you!

...and apparently Superman loves Jesus right back.

Racy stuff. Or is it? Maybe the artist is actually quite traditional and is suggesting that Superman will betray Jesus.

(Via the inimitable and nigh invulnerable Thomas of Say It Backwards.)

PS: Oddly enough, the preceding blog post on Newsarama features Warren Ellis belatedly trying his hand at the whole crucified super-hero thing. The comic is called Supergod and sounds like it has a few things in common with Miracleman and Black Summer.


A. David Lewis said...

Sensational website; I can't believe I only just now found it. Since I study Religion & Comics here at Boston University, I was delighted to find that others were tracking this phenomenon, too.

You folks ever tackled my LONE AND LEVEL SANDS, perchance? I'd love to have your minds weigh in on it.

Elliot said...

Hi David,
Thanks! It's good to know we're not the only ones who are interested in this sort of thing.

I don't think I've heard of Lone and Level Sands, myself. I checked out the Archaia site and it looks cool! You might want to check Gabriel's blog, SF Gospel - he's got some comic reviews over there as well, and he may have encountered it.

It's interesting that you actually formally study religion & comics. I'm pretty much an amateur myself, and my academic focus is on history. Gabriel's got more of an academic background in religion in science fiction - and I think Paul is incorporating some Superman studies into the English degree he's working on.

Viagra said...

Ok that image was most disturbing. I have no idea what is behind it if there is something more of it has to do with betrayal as you said but the image as it is is awful.