Sunday, May 13, 2007

X-Factor #16 revisited

My review of X-Factor #16, in which mutant private eye Jamie "The Multiple Man" Madrox tracks down a duplicate of himself who has become an Episcopal priest, immediately preceded the foundation of Holy Heroes!! I was quite impressed with the story's strong characterizations and theological depth. And it looks like I wasn't the only one: in the lettercol of X-Factor #18, Rev. Jeff Jackson, an Episcopal priest from Savannah, GA, writes in to praise the story:

I cannot thank you enough for writing such a thoughtful story in issue #16. I am an Episcopal priest myself and Jamie Madrox has become one of my favorite characters, so to see Jamie & John's "dilemma" was a treat. But more than that, it was so good to see a religious character depicted in such a way. Usually, religious folk are portrayed as fanatical, or strict, or "holier-than-thou." John Maddocks was refreshingly real. A faithful person, sent to learn what he can about religion, and who finds the truest meaning in the bonds of his family life. I imagined what I would do if a duplicate of myself walked through the doors of my church, hoping to reabsorb me, and the sorrow that John experienced became so real.

On the other side, Jamie's character is only deepened by his acceptance of this dupe to continue what he's doing as a priest and as a husband and father.

Also, thank you for writing a piece that was theologically sound. Instead of John or Jamie raging at God because of this predicament, you kept the story within the bounds of a stewardship sermon, no less. Nothing is ours, not even our lives. What right to we have in taking another person's?

Keep up the great work.


The Rev. Jeff Jackson
Savannhah, GA

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